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Joshua Kelly
Joshua Kelly

The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble And The Zen O... [Extra Quality]

Abstract:Scholarship has not so far raised the question whether the so-called Buddhist noble truths are actually true. The present article addresses this question in light of recent developments in neuroscience and psychology. It bases itself primarily on the theory proposed in some publications by Mark Solms, and on some other recent discoveries in psychology. Concentrating on the role of memories in the formation of personality, it draws attention to the potential effects of memory reconsolidation on those memories and shows how cessation of suffering and cessation of desire make sense in this context. Access to the relevant memories presents itself as a little understood process. Proposals are made as to how it may be attained.Keywords: Buddhism; suffering; consciousness; memory reconsolidation; neuropsychology; wanting; mental absorption; psychedelics

The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen o...


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