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Joshua Kelly
Joshua Kelly

How to Survive a Night at the Scary Nun's Abbey: A Guide for Horror Fans

Just how scary is The Nun? The Conjuring franchise has delivered some of the scariest blockbuster horror movies in recent memory, with the two main movies and two Annabelle spinoffs terrifying audiences since 2013.

This week sees the release of The Nun, the latest movie in the Conjuring universe. The movie's demonic Valak first appeared in The Conjuring 2, and she now has her own terrifying spin-off. But she is hardly the first scary nun to be featured in a horror film. Directors have often used these holy and obedient women, who have dedicated their lives to Catholicism, to explore some scary concepts. From the oppression of the church and religious hysteria to encounters with demonic spirits, there are plenty of opportunities for some scary storytelling, as well as the controversy that helps sell horror.

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This Spanish chiller is one of the spookiest horror movies of recent years, and while the scares comes mostly from an unknown entity haunting teenager Verónica and young siblings, it does feature a memorably scary nun. Sister Death is the nickname given to one of the sister at Verónica's school--old, strict, and blind, it seems that every kid in the school is afraid of her. Ultimately, Sister Death proves to be a vital ally in Verónica's fight against evil, but she remains of one of the movie's creepiest characters.

Häxan was a groundbreaking horror mock-documentary, made back in 1922, that explored the phenomenon of witchcraft across the the centuries. It features what must be the earliest example of a scary nun--a frenzied, possessed woman who ends up being bashed on the head by Satan himself.

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