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Mathadaana (The Election) Movie Tamil Dubbed Free Download

Mathadaana (The Election): A Political Drama Based on a Novel

Mathadaana (The Election) is a 2001 Indian Kannada language political drama film directed by T. N. Seetharam, based on S. L. Bhyrappa's novel of the same name, and starring Anant Nag, Tara, Devaraj, Avinash and Hemanth Vasisht in pivotal roles. The film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada at the 48th National Film Awards and the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Avinash. The film revolves around the election process in a village and the conflicts that arise among different political parties and candidates.

Mathadaana (The Election) movie tamil dubbed free download


The film is set in a village called Koppaladoddi, where Ramalinge Gowda (Anant Nag) is a respected and influential farmer who has been elected as the president of the village panchayat for five consecutive terms. He is a man of principles and honesty, who cares for the welfare of his fellow villagers. He is married to Lakshmi (Tara), who supports him in his endeavors. They have a son, Dr. Shivappa (Hemanth Vasisht), who works as a doctor in a nearby town.

As the election for the sixth term approaches, Ramalinge Gowda faces opposition from two rival candidates: Puttathammayya (Avinash), a cunning and corrupt politician who belongs to the same caste as Ramalinge Gowda, and Basavaraj (Devaraj), a young and dynamic leader who belongs to a lower caste and is supported by a national party. Puttathammayya tries to lure Ramalinge Gowda's supporters by offering them money and other incentives, while Basavaraj tries to mobilize the lower caste voters by appealing to their sentiments and aspirations. Ramalinge Gowda, on the other hand, relies on his reputation and goodwill among the people.

The film depicts the various aspects of the election process, such as campaigning, voting, counting, and post-election violence. It also explores the themes of casteism, corruption, democracy, development, and social justice. The film shows how the election affects the lives of different characters, such as Ramalinge Gowda's family, his loyal friends, his enemies, and his voters.



Anant NagRamalinge Gowda




Hemanth VasishtDr. Shivappa

Sundar RajRamalinge Gowda's friend

Mukhyamantri ChandruA national party leader

Prakash BelawadiA journalist

Sudha BelawadiSunanda, Ramalinge Gowda's sister-in-law

KaribasavaiahA drunkard voter

Girija LokeshA woman voter

Sihi Kahi ChandruA barber voter

Lakshmi ChandrashekarA school teacher voter


The music for the film was composed by C. Aswath and V. Manohar. The soundtrack album has seven songs, some of which are based on poems written by famous Kannada poets like Gopalakrishna Adiga and H. S. Venkateshamurthy. The songs are sung by Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha, C. Aswath, B. R. Chaya, Yuvaraj Janardhan, K. S. Surekha, and M. D. Pallavi. The track list is as follows:

  • Idu Modalane Haadu

  • Olavali Hadithe Hamsa