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Joshua Kelly
Joshua Kelly

Sheep Sound Effect

So. I am extremely pressed for time, stressed out of my mind and forced to spend the night in AE to meet a deadline Monday morning. I've just finished up a particularly complicated composition, but as I try to render it out nothing happens. The program won't give me any prompts or info, all I get is a taunting (super loud, I might add) sheep sound and I'm about to smash my MacBook to pieces.

Sheep sound effect

the loudness is determined by your computers speakers and how loud they are set to... if you want to test it (you are probably sick of hearing it but just in case) just open the effects control panel of any layer and Shift + click on the panel tab

maybe there should be a preferences checkbox to not play it, same as there is a preferences to not play the finished chimes sounds (under preferences->general as of CC 2013) - if you want this kind of feature, you can ask it here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

This is funny. From my memory that sheep is the voice of one of the original coder's mother (Dave H?). Been there since I've been using AE back in 1995. The UI actually used to have a little sheep icon in the effects control.

Study design: Airborne broad-band noise was measured with a hydrophone at 45 locations within the abdomen of five nonpregnant sheep post mortem and with a microphone extraabdominally. Sound pressure attenuation provided by the abdomen and its contents was determined for frequencies between 50 and 5000 Hz. An analysis of variance was applied to assess the effects of frequency, hydrophone location, and animal on intraabdominal distribution of sound pressures.

Results: Below 250 Hz sound pressure was higher inside the animal than outside. Little attenuation ( 3000 Hz. Attenuation was greatest in the center of the abdomen and least along the inner margin of the abdomen. Intraabdominal sound pressure level varied with frequency (p

Conclusion: During maternal exposure to airborne, broadband noise the fetus could be subjected to intense sound pressures at low frequencies regardless of position within the uterus and at high frequencies when positioned near the abdominal surface.

'My Lists' enables you to create and organise playlists of music tracks and sound effects. The lists you create will be saved in your account area and you can email it to yourself, your colleague or your client.

Kit includes all components and instructions to make a digital sound effect generator that is preprogrammed to sound like a Sheep. Great for sound effects on a model railroad, display scene, or just for the fun of it. Add a magnetic switch to turn it on and off with a small magnet mounted on a train car and have the effect start when a train passes by. Atomatically resets after a preprogrammed delay. Add our other effects generators to make the railroad or scene come alive with sounds. You could even add remote switches on the display to start the sounds individually.

Another great kit to have fun with and add a new level of interest to your railroad. You can even combine it with our Illuminator Kit to have up to 8 sounds automatically turn on and off at predetermined intervals.

I have created an SKAction group that alters the SKSpriteNode image (alpha and rotation) whilst playing a sound effect. However, when I runAction: the sound effect is played, but the image remains fixed.

Found the problem. It was a logical issue. The SKSpriteNode was being added and the sound FX started playing, but in the next frame or so the sprite was being removed.As a result, it appeared that the sprite wasn't being displayed, but didn't have time to move into view. The sound FX continued to play, hence the confusion.

There were no differences between the 6-year-old sheep with broken mouths and those with sound mouths in total skeletal mineral content or in the density of ash (ash: volume ratio) or organic matrix (organic matter: volume ratio) in the mandible and lumbar vertebra at the beginning of pregnancy or in mid-lactation. Nor were there differences in the density of ash or organic matrix between any groups, although the skeletons of the 6-year-old sheep were larger. The lumbar vertebra, which is rich in cancellous bone, had a lower ash and organic matrix density in the 5- and 2-year-old sheep. It is suggested that bone mineralization may proceed slowly on such hill pastures.

The rates of repletion of the skeleton during the dry period, 035, 047 and 066 g Ca/day, respectively, in the 6-year-old sheep with broken mouths, 5-year-old and 2-year-old sheep were much slower than rates given in the literature for sheep under controlled conditions. It is suggested that factors other than the major nutrients, protein, Ca and P, may be limiting repletion of the skeleton.

Recovery of the ash density of the vertebra was not complete at the end of the dry period. This was especially so in the sheep with broken mouths and resulted mainly from a failure to replace bone organic matrix. 041b061a72